Pine Ridge market is HOT!!

Pine Ridge has always been known as the hidden gem on Citrus County but by the looks of things it may not be so hidden any more. The market statistcis show a continual increase in home sale prices from Jan - July 2019. 

In January 2019 the average sales price $264,000 whereas in July 2019 it jumped up to$316,000. 


Homes are also not staying the market as long. The average days on market dropped as well. This is great news for sellers! Not such great news for buyers hoping to wait until the prices drop to make their move. 

Another bit of great news is that list price to sale price percentage increased meaning homes are selling closer to list price. 

An increase in sales, shorter days on the market, and closer sale to list prices all spell one thing for sure - A HOT MARKET

What factors could be driving this increase? The number of active listings has dropped since January creating a bit of a supply and demand scenerio. This is the case throughout Citrus County. Not too many homes on the market for buyers to pick from. The interest rates are still low so there are plenty of buyers out there! 

If you have a home to sell in Pine Ridge, please call me today to discuss getting on the market and taking advantage of this hot market! 


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