Escape Room in Crystal River

Crystal River Escape Room is a locally owned and operated. It is Crystal River's premeir (and only) location for an exciting escape adventure, group outing, birthday part spot, or team building adventure. 

With four rooms to accommodate larger groups, it’s perfect for parties, social events, or just getting together with friends.  A great alternative on rainy, cold, or boiling hot days, our air conditioned comfort can come at the perfect time for you.

They offer several different rooms to choose from. The Bait Shop, Autopsy Room, Shady Detective, and Art Studio. Each room is decorated accordingly but nothing too scary. In each room you have an hour to solve all the clues and riddles, unlock all the locks, find the key to the door an get out! The clues are a lot harder than you may think. Some math and thinking is invloved so be ready. 

If you are like me and don't want to be locked in a room, you are given a code that will let you out if you panic. There are several cameras in the room watching what you do as well. These cameras are useful because it allows whoever is monitoring your room to give you clues. The clues will be displayed on a screen in the room. The hour goes by super fast becasue you are too busy thinking! 

This is such a fun and unique spot for the area.I feel it is well worth your timespent there. The cost for the hour is around $20, so very reasonable. 

It is located 8740 SE Mayo Dr Crystal River. Located immediately north of the Hampton Inn just off US 19





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