Important News For City Of Inverness

The City of Inverness and Citrus County have been working hard to make Inverness a great place to live both for current and future residents. Between finalizing the Riverwalk in Crystal River and new plans for Inverness Depot District, here’s how you can plan for it to affect you.

The City of Inverness is beginning to prepare for it’s next chapter of construction for the Inverness Depot District with major improvements to Liberty Park and Wallace Brooks park in hopes to bring versatility to the community. Construction is set to begin in November of this year and parks will be closed for 11 months while this project is underway. Since this area has become a hot spot for visitors of Citrus County, you can look forward to many new amenities to accommodate to both tourists and locals alike including boat ramps and docking, extended parking, playgrounds, picnic tables, covered areas, and more, all along the Withlacoochee State Trail. Festivals in this area might be relocated on an event by event basis. To find the calendar for these events and their locations, please visit  

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